Biodiesel - the alternative source of energy

Biodiesel has become increasingly popular over recent years and is regarded globally as one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. A growing environmental awareness makes it even more interesting as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Biofuels and sustainability - explained simply

Biofuels and sustainability - explained simply
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The NEW (Natural Energy West) production plant in Marl went into operation in 2002. We gave a clear signal in establishing this large-scale industrial plant in the middle of the Ruhr Area which is the key market for fuel sales in NRW.
C. Thywissen GmbH is shareholder together with Diester Industrie International (Paris), Koninklijke Bunge B.V.(Rotterdam) and Agravis Raiffeisen AG (Münster).

The site in the Marl industrial park and the unique mix of shareholders guarantees our customers a competent, reliable and long-term business relationship.

Biodiesel truly is "flower power" because it is a biogenic fuel derived from vegetable oils obtained from high quality and renewable raw materials. By simply altering its molecular chains, the oil becomes a modern diesel fuel which, in its flow and combustion properties, comes very close to conventional, mineral diesel. It even improves the lubricity in the engine. Above all, however, biodiesel is almost sulphur-free and produces no soot particles. According to a life cycle assessment by the ifeu Institute in 2003, consumption of one litre of biodiesel saves 2.2 kg of greenhouse gas emissions!

  • Biodiesel is by nature almost sulphur-free.
  • Biodiesel has excellent lubricity.
  • Biodiesel has an especially good ability to ignite because of the high cetane number. This reduces engine wear and makes running smoother.
  • The high oxygen content of eleven per cent improves the combustion process and as a result produces less soot. This reduces residues in the engine.

For more information on biodiesel: Verband der Deutschen Biokraftstoffindustrie e.V.

Glycerin obtained from the process is further processed by us on site in a refinery into pharma grade glycerin and is a natural substance of the future. It is used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food.

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