Protein feed - highest quality from the very outset

Milk, eggs and meat provide us with high quality proteins, essential trace elements and vitamins. Animal nutrition plays a decisive role in their production.

For appropriate animal nutrition, oil meals with their high quality vegetable proteins together with cereal are a valuable and indispensable component of feed. When oilseeds are processed, toasted rapeseed, linseed and sunflower meal is produced as well as linseed cake extracted from cold-pressed linseed. Advances in seed cultivation have resulted in only rapeseed meal being produced with a low glucosinolate content. For this reason, the use of rapeseed meal is successful not only for ruminants but in larger quantities in pig feed as well.

Linseed meal is a popular component in feed for sows and calves due to its high residual oil content with multiple unsaturated fatty acids. Cold-pressed linseed cake is used for special dietary feed e.g. for horses and the rearing of animals.

C. Thywissen operates on the principle of "Feed for Food", from which an extremely high quality standard is derived. This starts with the targeted purchase of the best raw material, continuing through to compliance with strict rules for the processing of natural products.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 22000, EFISC and QS (Quality and Safety). In the implementation of the new DIN ISO 22000 standard for food safety, feed was included as an important part of the food chain.