Glycerin - vegetable base substance with a big impact

Vegetable glycerin is a colourless, sweet liquid and is found as base structure in all fats. It is very versatile in its application. For example, it is used as a moisturiser (water-binding) in cosmetics. It can be used as an antifreeze, lubricant or softener and is required for the manufacture of plastics, microchips, dyestuffs and toothpaste. Glycerin is also used as a food additive, as a humectant (e.g. in chewing gum), and bears the designation E 422.

One of the largest glycerin refineries in Europe is located at our site in Marl, where we produce glycerin from 100% vegetable oil in pharma grade quality with a purity of not less than 99.5%. From Marl, we deliver this high quality vegetable base substance every day all over the world.