Lecithin - a real multi-talent

The application possibilities for lecithin are numerous. As a phospholipid, it plays an important role in natural organisms and the food industry. Lecithin stabilises cell membranes in the body and stimulates the metabolism. It is a very impressive emulsifying and dispersing agent in the industry.

Use of lecithin allows substances which are difficult to mix, such as oils and water, to be combined into stable emulsions. Tiny particles can be emulsified in aqueous solutions. These properties make lecithin ideally suitable for the production of numerous products, ranging from margarine to soluble cocoa powder.

Thanks to its ability to form liposomes, the use of lecithin means that complex aromas are more effectively retained. Locked in a double layer of phosphatidylcholine oil droplets, they give the food a more intense taste.

The starting product for our lecithin is oil seeds such as rapeseed or sunflower seed. During their extraction, crude oil is obtained which contains up to 2.5% lecithin. This is separated from the crude oil by warming and mixing with water. After drying the lecithin wet sludge, liquid virgin lecithin is obtained.